Krismatic Software, Inc. is incorporated in the state of Connecticut (1990) as
a C-corporation; its stock is privately held.  It has been in business
continuously since then as a provider of high quality technology and
business consulting services, primarily in the financial, insurance and
manufacturing industries.  Its consultants average 15 years of experience in
their areas of expertise, and most can provide multiple levels of service (e.g.
developer, analyst, manager).

Krismatic Software maintains long-term relationships with large
corporations that benefit from the broad skill sets and deep experience of its
consultants.  The company’s strength is adding value to its clients’ strategic
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Our Mission
  • To provide the highest quality
    consulting services to our clients.
  • To add value to our clients'
    strategic projects and products.
  • To be an active partner in our
    clients' success.
Krismatic Software, Inc.
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Reference Accounts:
Aetna, Inc., Hartford CT
ING Americas, Hartford CT
Travelers Insurance, Hartford CT
AstraZeneca Pharmeceuticals, Wilmington DE
Genzyme Corporation, Cambridge MA
Otis Elevator, Farmington CT
Medwaste Management Inc. of New England, Hartford CT
Beaver Express, Inc., North Haven CT
The Connecticut International Skating Center, Inc., Newington CT
Bechem Transport, Inc., New Haven CT
CIGNA, Philadelphia PA
Lincoln Financial, Fort Wayne IA